ken Fitzpatrick presents the drunken monkeee show

By far Drunken Monkeee is one of the greatest artistic performers alive and of all time. The most electrifying performer in the galaxy is set unleash a full arsenal of hip-hop, poetry, film, and acting in his one man show "The Drunken Monkee Show." Presented by Ken Fitzpatrick, this show goes deep inside the amazing and fascinating world of Drunken Monkeee like never before. You'll get an in depth look into life and times of the tweak central general as he takes us on a far out ride into the unknown. Each night is themed and different.

Show # 1: Hear no evil (Friday)
Drunken Monkeee showcases his hip-hop music with a live band set-up. You'll get to hear the sounds that have made Englewood's finest into the artist he is. You'll also see his stage performance that has made him a global phenomenon.

Show # 2: See no evil (Saturday)
This show features Drunken Monkeee the filmmaker and the actor. He will screen his latest art films and do live theater. Treats will also be served by Drunken Monkeee's catering company.

Show # 3: Speak no evil (Sunday)
Will we go back to the genesis of Drunken Monkeee, the poet. This show will explore the visuals and words that have build and continue to grow the artistry that is Drunken Monkeee.


Come out and enjoy this exclusive 3 night event with Drunken Monkeee as he takes us inside the mind of the man, the legend and the myth. In true form to his originality and artistic acumen, Drunken Monkeee will put on a completely new show each evening, so come see all three! Prepare yourself for high energy frequencies from live band performances, visually stunning film content from local independent producer, director, and starring Drunken Monkeee, the echoes of our ancestor’s voices through the beat of the drum, and a no holds barred showcase of this amazing local talent, Drunken Monkeee.

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Links Hall At Constellation
3111 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60618

artwork by Jaime zuverva